LinkedGov Data HackCamp

London • 9-10 April 2011

HackCamp is Tomorrow!

Important Notice: Unfortunately, this event is completely sold out. If you turn up without a ticket, you will be not allowed in. Additionally, presentations-only ticket holders will only be permitted access Sunday afternoon.

The weekend is nearly upon us, which means LinkedGov Data HackCamp is finally here!

We’re really looking forward to seeing what can be built with the various datasets we’re getting to play with over the two days.

We really hope that many of the hacks built over the weekend turn into permanent projects that show the difference us geeks, developers and designers can make when we work together.

As evidence that this weekend is important to Government, Cabinet Minister Francis Maude is cheering us on with these words:

“Our ambition is to make the UK government the most transparent in the world and through this to help stimulate economic growth and build the Big Society. Critical to us in achieving our aims is opening up government data so that users can use it, for example by providing the public with detailed information about crime in their neighbourhoods through the website. The number of hits to this site now stands at over 410 million since launch. Events like this weekend help us to explore innovative approaches with data and build on the momentum that has already been created behind the government’s transparency agenda.”

Here’s to a great weekend, and remember to “Keep Calm and Hack On!”.

What's Happening?

In partnership with LinkedGov, we are running LinkedGov Data HackCamp this April. We are still working out exactly which datasets will be available but it will include new data which has not been publicly available before.

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