LinkedGov Data HackCamp

London • 9-10 April 2011


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  1. GP Findr by Martin Cunningham
  2. Phil by 7digital
  3. Tarrorif by Adam Braimbridge, Luke Blaney, Tes MacPherson
  4. Heyulp by Abizer Nasir
  5. Ambient Politics by Gareth Lloyd
  6. Keep Calm and… Smuggle On! by Johanna, Kai, Seyi, Mark
  7. The Christopher Hitchens Holiday Fun Club by Alec, Francisco, Patrick
  8. Tariffic by Matt Copperwaite
  9. Posters by Sam Machin
  10. UKPhoneHome by Sam Machin
  11. Visa Free by Roderick Hodgson
  12. AdviceForThat by Kieran Gutteridge
  13. UK Travel Advice by adam
  14. Are You Okay? by Testled
  15. Contracts Browser by @sheilaellen, @improbulus
  16. A Bus For That by Elliot Long (@elroid)
  17. OpenStreetMap ThingMatcher by Jez
  18. @ukgovcontracts by Tom, David, Ruth, Rich
  19. Tarrif search by Tom Parker